May 23, 2013

Lluc's Montessri inspired room

We heard about floor beds thanks to Kylie of How we Montessori, it was mind blowing. We sold our Ikea crib, bought a toddler mattress and made sure Lluc's room was safe and never looked back.

We slept there for the first time when he was around 6 months and a half. Lluc was really happy with the change, he could see the whole room and we could her him blabbing and speaking for a while after waking up, something that never happened with the crib.

In they closet we keep some pillows we tucked under the sheets when he started rolling out his bed, I keep on changing them wherever I see they are needed. He is able to climb up and down his bed safely now and has started to seriously use the independence his room provides him.

His room is constantly evolving, we had a rocking chair which moved to our bedroom when he started to crawl out of bed and get too interested. We try to observe what works and what doesn't work and adapt it.

Sometimes, when its bedtime (around 19.00) after his bedtime story, he still feels like crawling a little bit.

I've just found out that if I stay with him, next to his bed,really quiet and calmed, he leaves his bed and plays a little bit alone, crawls around the room, talking and smiling and when he feels ready, he looks at me and comes to bed extremely happy and excited.

I know he is ready then because he grabs his blanket and bites it making bear noises. We find it amazing that he is already able to realize he is ready to sleep and actually come to bed.

The only problem is that being able to decide this and do it gets him so excited he finds it difficult to fall asleep but we will get there, I'm sure.

Although he is almost 10 months old he enjoys mobiles so I keep some of them hanging from the ceiling. 

The shelves are not perfect but he manages now to get stuff from the lower one so we keep there just safe toys that won't hurt him when he grabs them alone (everything in the two lower shelves rotates every 10-15 days)

As winter is cold here we took advantage of the heating floor in the big bathroom next to his room and put a  mirror there. Its great because he loves being naked and he can enjoy everyday some naked fun time despite the cold weather (you can see it here).

For more inspiration and ideas you can visit Kylie's blog or this website

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