May 10, 2013

We move lightly

One of the things I missed the most during Llucs “dark months” was music. 

Screaming and the hairdryer sound became our lives soundtrack during months. Music and books make me feel happy of being human, we are really creative to create a big mess and shitty things but read a good book and you will restore some of your faith on manhood. I clearly remember one day, it was already snowing and we were in our new flat so I guess it was November. 

Lluc was getting better but he was still crying a lot and we were trying to get him used to the car seat; it was Sunday and the baby was so pissed off Placid said, wtf lets go for a ride, maybe he sleeps maybe not but we will keep on with our plan. 

We were lucky, after 30 minutes crying he felt asleep, we kept on driving. The night fell, there was snow everywhere and for the first time in months Placid put on some (really low) music. 

To be honest I cried a little bit, I was exhausted and depressed but during that car ride I felt real happiness again since Lluc was 3 weeks old.  Things started to get better and today we enjoy living with Lluc, our little and sweet roomate. 

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