June 4, 2013

Strandbad Tieffenbrunnen

Weather sucks its no big secret but we were lucky and last week we had 4 hours of true spring time so we grabbed our stuff and went to Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen , one of the many options Zürich offers to get your butt wet in the lake. 

Our old flat was really close to Badi Utoquai but our new house is just 25 meters away from Tiefenbrunnen which is really convenient because they have a great kids area, where, if the "$%$ sun decides to work a little we will spent a lot of time. 

I love that place. In winter s open to the public, you can stroll around, seat somewhere and enjoy the view. 

In summer you have to pay to enter but you can enjoy the view in a bathing suit having a beer which , in my opinion is worth CHF 7 (or 9, I don't remember). 

I took many nice walks with the screaming beast during winter.

But the only screams  I expect to hear this summer are mine, jumping to the chilly water.

If you have small kids the place is great, they even put some umbrellas to prevent them to get burned like shrimps.

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