September 16, 2013

Zürich Street Parade

After more than 3 years living here we finally managed to see (and hear) the Street Parade.

The party starts at 13:00 and yes people get dressed up, as the day goes by costumes tend to get smaller and slottier but, hey! its the Street Parade if you run out of time or money wrap your body in glitter and police tape and dance, Lady Gaga is not the only one who can pull that off. 

Its really worth it, specially if you like this type of music, but there where some :-(

1. The music is REALLY loud, I could feel my belly jumping if I was to close, despite all you could see parents with babies and small children, without earplugs or any protection, not the best idea. 
2. Although Zürich city is really fast cleaning up the mess the urine smell was still noticeable after one week!
3. I left early and I didn't manage to see the naked old guys that according to my friends came out at night.  

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