November 6, 2013

Barcelona, Zürich, London

Last week we packed our stuff and moved to London, this will be our second experience as expats, this time with  a toddler and a baby bump which make things way more interesting. 

Life as an expat is a great title for a shitty article in a magazine but the truth is that it is something to think about. You are spoilt by your company in some aspects but its the price they pay for you to pick up your roots and agree to move them for a while to somewhere else, and then move them again and again. 

We don't think about ourselves as emigrants yet, we feel you emigrate when you find one place where you decide to plant your roots again and stay, a new "heimat". 

Is it worth it? My answer changes everyday :-P

But oh hell yeah, getting out of you comfort zone, your family and friends and starting again is sometimes not fun and can make difficult times ever more complicated but there is a huge sense of achievement behind it and the feeling you are changing and evolving. 

I miss my people from Barcelona but I'm moving to London now leaving some great new friends in Zürich.

Friendships that start like a short coffee after some emails or someone from the past that surprise surprise lives next door even a last minute one that you know will stay; people otherwise I would have met and I'm gad to have in my life now. 

As a family and a couple I feel life as a expat is a make it or break it, only the result often appears when you, at one point, decide to settle in somewhere. Many couples find themselves in different worlds, many other enjoy building another life together in a new place. No idea where will we end up but the aim is to become stronger everyday and work together to become a stronger family an couple everyday.

So to you my beloved Swiss friends: I'll miss you and I sincerely hope wherever we go you remember that you have a bed and a good dinner waiting for you!

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