March 26, 2014

London with a toddler I: The Science Museum

The Science Museum or the place where we decided to buy a leash. I know I know but having one would have avoided situations like having to get your sneaky toddler from under the Stephenson's Rocket

The place is great but if you have a toddler the first thing you need to do is run to the basement and get your little one to enjoy "the Garden" as it gets pretty crowded. 

Kids should be 3 years old but if they walk and are big enough ... Lluc went there at 19 months and nobody said a word. 

A piece of advice I wish I new before: bring some spare clothes. The orange aprons they get are cute but useless for monkeys like mine. 

There are other places and activities fr kids around the museum but the Garden is the coolest and there is the cutest coffee shop next to it with ice cream and crazy pop corn. 

After our visit to the basement and a yummy muffin we visited the ground floor of the museum where all the stuff related to the Industrial Revolution is located. 

The kid went nuts. Cars, trains, wheels everywhere. Lluc though he was dead and that was heaven, well, he did until our little discussion about what you can do but shouldn't. Yes you can crawl under the safety gates, no you shouldn't do it and lay under a 200 years old train. 

Modal verbs, you've got to love them.

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