April 16, 2014

3x2 underwear

Ok, underwear is not really my favorite clothing item, I hate buying panties, every time I find ones that are ok and not expensive I buy a ton so I can forget about it in years.

Pregnancy destroyed my stash of underwear and now I fear every day I might have an accident and people in the E&A will think I am a poor old lady that cannot afford new panties.

So, last week, I was getting some clothes for Abril online and decided to get myself one of those 3x2 packs.

Why is there always this colorful patterned options that perfectly combine: one that you love, one that you don't mind and a third one that looks awful?

You end up wearing the first one until they disintegrate, the second one stay around a while longer and the ugly ones, well, those ones stay in your closet FOREVER.

I have enough ugly underwear so, this time I bought just one pair. But lucky me I qualified for some offer and got another pair for free. Pink, with white hearts and bows, no kidding.

And to challenge myself today I'm wearing them. Feels ok but I think I would prefer rocket ship underwear.

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