September 11, 2014

London with a toddler II: Battersea Park Children's Zoo

I'm back. Its been almost 5 months without blogging but I'm back for good now. 

Sometimes its difficult to do things with a young toddler. 3 years old kids have a huge offer of things to do but kids under 2 are a bit more limited.

Last February, after spending one week seeing Lluc doing the chicken around the house and screaming "poi poi poi"(I know, what kind of bird does this sound? no idea) we decided he deserved to visit some real animals.

The Battersea Park Children's Zoo was a big hit. Its small but they have quite a few animals (although I missed the goats, where were they?) and a pretty big playground with a big red fire truck. 

Ah be smart and bring cash, the little bar doesn't accept cards!

Since our first visit we have ben there twice and Lluc went last week again with his nursery (poor teachers, 30 over exited toddlers and cute animals ...) and I'm quite sure we will be back soon. Its close, its cheap and everybody has fun. 

There is a big sandpit with diggers, motorcicles and everything a toddler may wish (as you see Lluc is REALLY into sharing).

P.S. the big old fire truck is one of the highlights.

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