September 24, 2014

London with a toddler III: Big mistake = Coram Fields

So.... while looking for "things to do in London with a toddler" I went across Coram Fields, "a heaven for play".


The place is not really close to where we live in London so it took a loooong ride in the subway and a looong 20 minutes walk to go there. 

Such a lovely place... if you are a tennager sneaking from your arents to smoke some weed! 

And don't get me started with the "mini zoo", sadly I cannot find the picture we took from the two most epressed goats I've ever seen but believe me, they didn't look happy. 

The play area was great, when they built it I guess, in our visit everything appeare broken and some things didn't look quite safe (I let Lluc play with cables so my startd for security is really low but still I found that play area a bit tricky).

Maybe I'll go back if I ever start smoking pot. 

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