November 17, 2014

Potty training

So, following a little bit the Montessori approach and a few other books when Lluc was able to sit and not cry for hours (around 7 months) we started sitting him on the potty before bath time and explain him what I was doing every time I went. 

Note: Motherhood and going to the toilet with an audience comes together, books didn't tell, it was a nice surprise.

He also had lots of naked time. When he started crawling sitting him on the potty was impossible so we let things go a little bit but the potty was always around. Last summer he turned two and every time he did a wee while naked in his tiny swimming pool in our tiny patio I started naming it quite enthusiastically  "pipi"! the same with caca, showing him the soiled diapers before trowing them away etc...

One day things clicked (watching older kids at nursery was  key factor) and he started going by himself (just while naked). So we decided to keep him pants free as much as possible. 

He is now diaper free and quite proud of it, he lead the process and we made sure he always had a bare bottom and a potty near (and books close to each potty). The week we said bye bye to diapers we made a sticker chart and it helped him to stay motivated (also tons of juice and fruit to make sure he wouldn't be constipated).

Of course we are still working a bit on sleeping without accidents but he doesn't want to wear anything so our washing machine can expect a bit of fun. 

I'm quite happy to have him diaper free at 27 months, the shitty side is that he uses it to drag his bedtime an drive me nuts. 


-Ok Lluc this is the third time to say potty, Ill leave you without pants and is you need to go here is the potty. Night night, go to bed now.
-..... silence 
-..... steps
-..... grunting 
-..... steps
- Mama! mamaaaaaa! potty!
- (from the bottom of the stairs) did you do something?
- .... steps  
- .... silence 
- Grande! (big in spanish)

And it was.

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