December 9, 2014

Bread diaries

Kate: Dairy and wheat intolerant? Mmmm, you should get a breadmaker. 
Me: Ok!

Day 1
Bread had a beautiful degrade colour from white raw flour to burned crust. Texture: not available, hard as a rock, impossible to cut. 
Rised? Yes, like chinese economy, then it collapsed. 

Day 2 
Asked for help. Followed booklet recipe, made a gues about yeast amount.
We let the bread gods decide. They hate us. Bread didn't look like bread, we were afraid to touch it, maybe it bites. 
Using Abrils' hypoallergenic formula as milk powder was not a good idea. 
I'm a brave girl o I tried it, I wish I hadn't, it tastes like an old sponge with one year old milk leftovers. 

Day 3 
Hopping the machine was the problem and not me, I got a ready made normal (wheat!) bread mix. Bread rose beautifully, lovely crust and texture, It looked like bread, tasted like bread. 
I hate this machine. 

Day 4
Followed flour maker instructions. Things improved still not rising and looks like wet toilet paper but it is not scary. 

Day 5 
Starting to feel like Dr. Frankenstein, just able to create monsters. 

Day 6 
Mum (mine) tries. Lluc thinks its "caca". Now its a family thing, we hate this machine.

Day 7 
After a little break I try again: follow Dover Farm recipe, adjust the size (their medium is my small), add 1/3 rye flour and raisins. Before pressing start we sacrifice some cookies to honour the bread gods. 
The bread is alive!
Looks like crap but tastes goods so no picture because its all in my tummy. 

Yummy yummy yummy I've got bread in my tummy..... 

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