September 3, 2015

I did not want to see the picture of the drowned boy but apparently social media thinks I need to.

I really wonder if the image (that although I intentionally tried to avoid I saw and made me cry, it still does) of that poor drowned child is going to change anything. 

I hope, I wish, I doubt. 

I also think there has to be another way, we need to raise children able to feel empathy and compassion not only for their closer friends and family but for all living things, for the place they live in, for the Earth they share. 

Does each picture of a drowned boy or beheaded person make us more aware or numb to violence?

I also can not avoid thinking if whoever took the picture wondered about the right and the ethical compromise of the uncontrolled sharing in social media that would follow.

Is the need to draw attention to this issue bigger that the respect we owe to a dead human being? I don't know. 

Commitment and effort are often directly related and sharing this picture is social media requires zero effort. 

Humans usually don't change their minds and act if they are not committed. If you choose to share that picture please, take a few minutes, think about the immigrants crisis as a whole, read, get informed, see if you can do something about it. And then post it, share it but knowing what you are doing, feeling committed to this cause not just because you feel outraged and want to tell everyone. 

We teach our children that sharing is caring. But we are adults and we know that sharing is not a small click in your iPhone while waiting for your latte in Starbucks. 

Lastly, I wonder where and how has this little human being buried? I hope he got the respect and rest he deserved, that we all do. 

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Note: I was going to post this as a status update in my facebook profile, but it got longer and longer and I suddenly realized it belonged here. I haven't published anything here since December 2014. I owe my daughter a ton of post about her growth and development but to be honest, 2015 has been a  hectic year. Adjusting to parenting two little ones just 18 month apart has been... tricky. Post partum depression is behind me and next week I will go back to school starting my internship as a Montessori EYFS student. Big changes, happy changes. 

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